Tumbler Testing

Tumbler Testing Ensures Items are Long Lasting

Items are going to be dropped from time to time. When you’re in San Jose, CA, you can turn to us to provide you with comprehensive tumbler testing, Reliability Testing. This allows your product to be exposed to a random free-fall repetitively in a controlled manner.


At Test-O-Pac Industries, we’re here to run the tests that you need. We can repeatedly drop objects, including food products and medical devices. This allows us to test whether the objects are capable of having a long life. You have to assume that items will be dropped from time to time – and these tests will give you the details that you need.


Our tumbler testing follows all of the latest protocols. The testing can be used for everything from hearing aids to handheld remote devices. If the test results show that they don’t withstand being dropped multiple times, it can lead to shorter life cycles and, therefore, unhappy customers.


Medical Device Testing

Medical Device Testing has been one of our main focuses here at Test-O-Pac Industries. We offer expert advice to all companies and a high quality of reliable service. 



A2LA Audit


Test-O-Pac has upgraded to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. 


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UN 38.3 Testing


Test-O-Pac is now conducting testing for batteries under the UN 38 requirements. 

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