Medical Device Packaging Validation

Medical Device Packaging Validation Tells You What You Need to Know

When you want to provide medical devices to your customers, you need to make sure that the packaging has been validated. Otherwise, you run the risk that the medical devices are not as protected as you think they are.


From needles to blood vials to catheters, the packaging has to be sealed. With medical packaging validation, you can find out whether the packages are getting the job done. Should there be problems with the packaging, you run the risk of lawsuits because of people getting contaminated products.


At Test-O-Pac Industries, we’re here to help you every step of the way. With our medical device packaging validation, we can make sure that packages are not only sterile but also capable of withstanding a variety of elements. If the packaging degrades in a certain atmospheric pressure or at a certain temperature, this needs to be disclosed on the packaging.


When you’re ready to get your packaging validated, contact us.


Medical Device Testing

Medical Device Testing has been one of our main focuses here at Test-O-Pac Industries. We offer expert advice to all companies and a high quality of reliable service. 



A2LA Audit


Test-O-Pac has upgraded to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. 


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UN 38.3 Testing


Test-O-Pac is now conducting testing for batteries under the UN 38 requirements. 

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