Package testing involves the measurement of a characteristic involved with packaging. This includes packaging materials, packaging components, primary packages, shipping containers, and unitized loads, as well as the associated processes. Testing measures the effects and interactions of the levels of packaging, the package contents, external forces, and end-use.


Reliability testing is an engineering field, that deals with the ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time. The main objectives of Reliability Testing can be defined as follows: The capacity of a device or system to perform as designed; The resistance to failure of a device or system.The ability of a device or system to perform a required function under stated conditions for a specified period of time.



ASTM D4169 and ISO 11607 are the guidepost test standards for medical packaging. These tests provide a reliable indicator that medical devices remain in a sterile environment during the distribution stages. To avoid the risk of a costly product recall, the sterile barrier system must protect the packaged product and maintain the sterility of the product from the moment it leaves your manufacturing facility until the end-user opens it.

Project 6-AMAZON.COM is a general simulation test for "Ships In Own Container" (SIOC) packaged-products shipped through Amazon's distribution system to final customer destinations. This testing protocol has been developed by combining data from previous studies of transportation environments, relevant testing protocols, Amazon Fulfillment Center environment visual observations, and customer feedback.


"Medical Device Testing has been one of our main focuses here at Test-O-Pac Industries"

-Sam Sohal (President)

Test O Pac Welcomes Johnson & Johnson

Santiago Beltran 

(Johnson & Johnson)

Vince Flores 


"Since I started working at Johnson & Johnson, I've been working with Test-O-Pac as they are very accommodating with all of my testing needs. I can always rely on them to execute and prioritize my projects accordingly. I consider  Test-O-Pac as an extension of my team."

 -Santaigo Beltran (Director of Packaging)

"During my last few visits I was in dire need of testing PC units for Amazon Qualifications (ISTA 6) and Test-O-Pac has met my requirements and deadlines for the shipment. They were very responsive to Corsair's request."

-Vince Flores (Packaging Engineer)



Environmental Testing, Packaging Services and Design Consultation

Leading Industry Standards for over 3 Decades

Test-O-Pac Industries, Inc. is an environmental and package testing laboratory that offers the entire spectrum of value-added testing services to a wide range of clients since 1977, including component manufacturers, the aerospace, packaging, medical device, and electronics industries.

Due to the ever-changing nature of customer requirements, most of the testing done by Test-O-Pac is subject to change and is developed for the specific requirements of the customer. The Engineers pride themselves in their ability to respond to a customer’s many needs by virtue of technical skills and the advanced equipment and technology know-how they possess.

Managed essentially as an independent testing laboratory, our goal is to “Serve our customers by providing the climatic, dynamic, and mechanical stimuli necessary to exercise their products, be it components, modules or entire systems.”


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Medical Device Testing

Medical Device Testing has been one of our main focuses here at Test-O-Pac Industries. We offer expert advice to all companies and a high quality of reliable service. 



A2LA Audit


Test-O-Pac has upgraded to ISO/IEC 17025:2017. 


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UN 38.3 Testing


Test-O-Pac is now conducting testing for batteries under the UN 38 requirements. 

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